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People interest me, I care about what they are committed to or passionate about. I create images for people that gives visual voice to their story and conveys the message of a brand. My process is to find balance between the set up and letting there be room for spontaneity while making work that contributes to and revolves around a sense of community.

A skilled image-maker with extensive experience photographing people, a driven professional, and a visual story teller who excels with given limitations and parameters.

Aarp︎︎︎, Bicycling, Collective Quarterly, DIG BMX (UK), Eating Well︎︎︎, Espn, Hearst, Fast Company, Forbes, Fortune Media, Huck (Uk)︎︎︎, Meredith Corperation, Newsweek (Us,Japan), People, Smithsonian, The Gaurdian, The New York Times, The, Washington Post, Time, Wall Street Journal, Where Woman Create︎︎︎

Alzheimer’s Foundation, Akron Arts Alliance︎︎︎, Case Western Reserve, Cleveland Foundation︎︎︎, Cleveland Public Library, Denison University, Environmental Health Watch, Flashes of Hope, Jewish Family Services of America , Metro Hospitals, Oberlin College, Oberlin Center of the Arts︎︎︎, Planned Parenthood, Sisters of Charity︎︎︎, The Campaign for Barack Obama, The Cleveland Clinic, The Refugee Response︎︎︎University Hospitals︎︎︎, Uptown Grand Central

Adobe, Agfa, Brokaw, EM Dash, FCB Health, Google︎︎︎Great Lakes Brewing Co.︎︎︎Huge ︎︎︎, Mitchells Ice Cream︎︎︎, Ogilvy, Olson, Pace communication, Perspectus Architecture, Philips Healthcare, Richardson Design︎︎︎,  Studio of Christine Wisnieski︎︎︎, TAP by Todd Pownel, The Snavely Group, The West Side Market, Vitamix︎︎︎, Vocon

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