During and after attending Cuyahoga Community College for visual communication and design in Cleveland, earning a certificate from the International Center of Photography in NYC, and assisting; I have worked editorially, for not-for-profit organizations, and commercially. This has led to commissioned artworks for private and institutional collections, commercial work for ad agencies and design firms; as well as directly with small to mid sized companies.

Recently, I have been asked more to create custom image banks for either individuals, companies, not-for-profits, and/or brands. 

In short: I am interested in making work that contributes to and revolves around a sense of community - People interest me and I care about what they are committed to or passionate about - I create images for people that gives visual voice to the story that led up to the day(s) of me being there with my camera - and I work to convey the message of a brand, visually.